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Compulsive shopping

Many people have a compulsive shopping disorder. However, some persons compulsive shopping disorder effects their daily lives.

People who shop until then cannot shop any more, and run their credit cards up to the max often have a shopping addiction. These people believe that the more the shop, the more they will feel better. In reality, compulsive shopping often makes the person feel worse. Compulsive shopping is similar to other addictive behaviors and has some characteristics of alcoholism, gambling, and overeating addictions.

Compulsive shopping can come about yearly, during the holiday season, to help soothe depression, anxieties and loneliness they might feel during that time. It can also occur when a person feels depressed, angry, and/or lonely. Shopping will not make someone love you more, help your self-esteem or the problems that might occur in daily living. Compulsive shopping usually makes these feelings worse because of the increased debt the person has gained due to shopping.

Compulsive buyers usually start shopping when they are feeling down and looking for a pick me up. They go out and buy, to get a high, or get a rush just like a drug or alcohol addict. Shopping addiction tends to affect more women then men. Women often buy things they do not need. Holiday season usually help trigger shopping binges for people who are not compulsive shoppers the rest of the year. Many shopping addicts go on shopping binges all year long and may be compulsive about certain items, such as shoes, clothing, or kitchen items; some will just buy anything. Women who have this disorder will often have racks of clothing in their closets with the price tags still attached. They will usually go to the mall with the intention of buying one thing, and come home with bags and bags of merchandise. If family members start to complain of the purchases, they will often hide the things they buy. Compulsive shoppers often are in denial about their problem. Because they cannot pay their bills their credit rating suffers, and they may have collecting agencies coming to get what is owed to them. This will lead to many social and relationship problems. Sometimes they even try to take on an extra job to help pay the bills.

People can prevent shopping binges by paying for purchases by check or cash, or making a shopping list and only buying what is on the list. It is a good idea to destroy all credit cards, except one that can be used for emergencies only. You can also prevent binges by window-shopping after the stores have closed, so there will be no urge to purchase the item. Another option is to wait a day or two after you have seen an item you wanted, and think whether you would really like to have that item, and make a decision from there. If your feelings about shopping do not submerse themselves by trying to tame them, then is it a good idea to seek counseling or a support group.