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Life by Bryan Darrah
It is often pondered, what is the meaning of life, the question that has plagued mankind for centuries, for eternity. People once put “faith” into fictional stories, fables of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. The media, majority rules, whatever everyone else thinks might as well be good enough for me, yes I agree, ill jump on the band wagon. No. who is everyone else, that is the question, it isn’t you, what do you think, why do you do the things you do, go to school, go to the gym, get a job, get an education, become “something.” Something to who, what are you trying to prove, and who are you trying to prove it to. Yourself, individuality, fuck everyone else I’m gonna do what I want where I want when I feel like doin it. Why accept this conformality of society, this “bandwagon” be your own fucking person, say what you wanna say when you wanna say it. Society as a whole can go fuck themselves, sure you get a job, make a buck, find some girl in the same “dead end” situation you’re in fuck, her have a baby and there ya go that’s life, welcome to the real world buddy you got responsibility. Heres your kid Johnny, make sure hes fed, clothed, educated, doesn’t joint a cult and doesn’t kill anybody, congratulations youre a part of the American fuckin dream. Enjoy the thrill cuz it don’t last long. Before ya know it johnnys in college youre wifes fuckin god knows who and your nailin anything with tits and mouth that wont ask you when youre gonna recoat the porch like you’ve promised a 100 times over. Youre thinking about all the time you wish you had spent with your son teaching him about being a man and what its like to raise a boy to a man, and how important that in is in a boys life, no woman can ever teach a boy to be a man. And the boy is only a product of his teachers. His decision of what is right and wrong is all that counts, it’s a fucked up world out there, you gotta do what it takes to survive, to make sure you come out on top, and don’t go silently into the night with the weak and outspoken. Be the top, nobody is better than you, speak better than them and you are better than them. So where’s faith been this whole time, wheres “god” been while all these “sins” are being, a lot of shit goes down behind closed doors, when “nobodys looking.” Faith doesn’t cover that stuff, see speech is everything, if you can quote someone on something that’s it, its done, if they deny somthing you don’t know what the fuck is going on, so you speculate, your opinion, and because your some hot shot know it all reporter working for some big time news magazine, and some stupid fuck has the money to send your worthless opinions on the world to the peanut galley of society. They fucking eat it up, they think you are so fucking brilliant, hes so smart I agree, I think what he thinks why the fuck not its too much trouble to tell people what I want out of life. Sometimes you feel like smoking a joint, drinkin a 12 pack nailin some blonde bitch with big tits you met a casino then goin home kissin your kids goodnight and fallin asleep with your wife. You did it because you could, because whos gonna stop ya? If your smart you can get away with anything, they say it’s a free country, but it sure as fuck it aint, but it’s a free world, and im gonna do what I want and get away with it. Why make trouble why make a scene, work with the system learn it and beat it that’s the key, theres always a way to outsmart the opposition, do it without them even noticeing, so obvious its unobvious. The “law” cant touch me, who makes the laws, some rich fucks who make and break laws like they go through bottles of scotch. They are evil, they, the ones who have control over society, over the majority, they have the power because majority rules, its all about the bandwagon, people don’t think for themselves, not nearly enough of them. The ignorant fucks they just drone on it life never contributing a thing never dong what they want, accomplishing things they dreamed about as a kid. Theyre sellin shoes at macys tryin to make a buck and feed Johnny and keep the blonde bitch with big tits happy. It’s the same story, Johnny the bitch with big tits and where are you the jerk always tryin to make a buck. A buck, what is this emphatuation with money, the need for material items. No doubt I enjoy them we all do luxury is bliss, as is ignorance while we enjoy these luxuries we lose sight of what is important, we seek more and better material “expensive” possessions, until it is possessions that possess us. The pursuit of everything bigger and better.

The structure of an atom is a lot like the universe, sun, nucleus, planets, protons electrons.

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Life as a whole, the caterpillar concept.

History of man, individuals making a difference.


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