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Roll of thunder hear my cry

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
There is a wide variety of books to choose from to enjoy reading and read for a specific reason. One book that I feel would be a good choice is Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry. This book is mainly about the racism and prejudice that went on in 1933 and around that time. It focuses on a family and the hardships they faced everyday of their lives. I believe after finishing this book that I was taught lessons. This book may also lead you to having emotional feelings. After reading the details that are so horrible and seem unimaginable I become so amazed and have pity on the white people back then. Most of all, I would recommend a friend to read this book because the book is so strong in the areas of theme, and character development.

First of all, a reason I think a friend would be pleased with this book is the theme. To me it seems as if it is rare to find a book that would admit many disturbing facts about how whites treated blacks around 1933. Most people would try to hide or want to deny such harmful things that actually took place. On the other hand, throughout this book the author presents truthful facts and I believe this would cause the readers to appreciate the theme. For example, the author tells of a time when a black family’s house was burned down just because the father of the house believed that a store owner was cheating him with his money. Another example of racism shown in the story is the white children being able to attend better schools and take buses to school, while black children walk. The readers may become very interested in what this entire book is about and what it was like back then. People may have always wondered how bad the prejudice and racism was. The theme was one of my two favorite reasons I enjoyed this book so much and I think a friend would think the same.

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Another reason why I believe a friend would appreciate this book is because the character development is very appropriate. In this story, there are characters with all different personalities and ages. It shows how every character pulls through all their hard times. There are characters who are very loyal, and there are characters who are very dishonest. There are characters who are brave, and there are characters who are fearful. The difference in every character only makes the book more interesting. For example, in the story there is a man named Uncle Hammer who has a very bad temper. He wants to attack the white people when he hears of stories when they hurt blacks. However, more wise and calm people like Mr. Morrison have to stop him for his own safety. For those reasons, I find that the characters suit this story well and that is why I think the characters are one of the two main reasons that this is such a good book.

Overall, I think that most of my friends would find this book interesting and unique. I really would suggest and recommend for friends to read this book and they would hopefully enjoy it as much as I did. This story starts out kind of boring and you have to get used to it, but then towards the end it gets better and you will appreciate it more. Nevertheless, the strength in theme and character development make this book so good. That is why I would recommend for a friend to read this book.


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